Iaso® Tea Original

All-natural Brewed Cleansing Tea

A world-famous all-natural cleansing drink. Benefits of our detox tea include healthy weight-management assistance, appetite control, and support for productive trips to the bathroom.*

What You’ll Feel

  Promotes digestive wellness.*

Supports the circulatory system.*

Encourages healthy intestines.*

Iaso Tea Original

The world’s most effective all-natural gentle weight loss and detox tea formulation.

The original Iaso Tea was formulated by the Total Life Changes team of diet specialists and nutrition experts to give us a much-needed weight-loss helper and comprehensive detoxifier. We all understand how challenging losing weight can be – it gets much more difficult when we try to do it in a healthy, all-natural, and long-lasting way. Is this what you’ve been looking for? It just might be.


What is Iaso Tea?

This is a very carefully formulated detox and weight loss tea designed to help us get rid of unwanted toxins from our digestive systems as well as give our weight loss efforts a boost. Only naturally-occurring components go into the making of Iaso Tea, which makes it a great choice for those seeking a healthy, vegan-friendly, and gentle yet effective detox program. Its intestinal-based action makes it a suitable weight loss aid as it will help you achieve long-lasting results. This is different from most detox or diet teas on the market which only offer you fleeting results by simply flushing out your water weight. This is a long-term product for those who want to get rid of excess weight and keep it off for good.

What You’ll Feel

  • Promotes digestive wellness.

Iaso Tea very deliberately promises Long-Term weight loss benefits, so how does it achieve this? The answer becomes evident upon closer inspection of the all-natural ingredients that go into its formulation. Components such as milk thistle, holy thistle, papaya extract, and more are highly effective in the promotion of optimal digestive system health. By cleansing our digestive system, they help our bodily processes such as the metabolic system run with much greater efficiency and thus allow us to lose weight more effectively. The variety of ingredients used here are all carefully selected to help us achieve this end result in some way, and their effect in this particular combination is much stronger than anyone component would be able to induce on its own. This is the secret behind Iaso Tea’s effectiveness as a weight loss agent, and it explains why other formulations are unable to achieve similar results. 

  • Supports the circulatory system.

Our circulatory system’s status is a vital aspect of our general health and wellness. Iaso Tea is formulated to promote the most optimal circulatory system conditions possible. This is what results in sharper mental acuity, higher energy levels, and a general boost in mood. Ingredients such as ginger, persimmon leaves, marshmallow, Malva leaves are acknowledged powerhouses when it comes to this particular aspect of human functionality and is one of the reasons they were included in this formulation.

  • Encourages healthy intestines.

Our lower intestines often end up being the accumulation points of the toxins that actively work against our bodies or make it more difficult for normal processes to execute as they should. Getting rid of them results in a stronger immune system (better protection from disease and infection), increased nutritional efficiency, and a general increase in our body’s efficiency. Ingredients such as ginger, milk thistle, myrrh, persimmon leaves, and papaya extract are great sources of the minerals and elements that serve to clear our bowels (upper and lower intestines) of such unwanted materials. Persimmon, just to take one example, contains such detoxifying and cleansing agents as amino acids, vitamin C, choline, tannins, flavonoids, and more. 

  • Energy and Mood Boosts

Iaso Tea is not only an effective detoxifier and weight-loss helper. Taking it as directed will also see you enjoy a boost in energy levels, both physically as well as mentally speaking. This is of no surprise and can be attributed to the detoxifying action of the product. The toxins that accumulate in our bodies will slow down its processes and hamper brain optimal function. 

The lifestyle recommended for those taking Iaso Tea will also lead us to make better choices regarding what we put into our bodies and our levels of activity. Eating well and exercising have been proven to be beneficial to our health and wellness, which includes our overall moods and cognitive function. Over time, you can expect to see a marked increase in your mental acuity as well as your physical energy levels.

What’s in Iaso Tea?

An effective combination of natural ingredients goes into making Iaso Tea the powerful weight loss aid and detoxifier that it is. Taking Iaso Tea will help you achieve better sleep, more efficient digestion, appetite suppression, relief from constipation, as well as a general elimination of unwanted toxins from your system. These benefits go a long way in helping us achieve our weight loss goals, especially when combined with an effective exercise regimen and a sensible diet plan. While each of these ingredients has its own individual properties and effects on our bodies, their combined action is what ultimately delivers the results you’re looking for.

Important Ingredients

  • Malva Leaves

Malva leaves are by no means a newbie in the health and wellness world. They have, in fact, been used in traditional Chinese medicinal applications for thousands of years. Modern science has only confirmed and expanded upon what the erstwhile Chinese practitioners knew about this natural resource. These leaves are valued for the various beneficial effects and actions they impart upon human beings, which include immune system bolstering; increasing expectoration rate; inflammation and swelling reduction; soothing sore throats; skin rejuvenation; and the prevention and alleviation of bacterial infections.

It has also seen widespread use as a laxative, helping people suffering from constipation and other digestive troubles evacuate their bowels with ease. This is one of the qualities that make Iaso Tea an effective diuretic and detoxifier.

  • Papaya Extract

The papaya plant whose fruit and leaves contain certain chemicals that have found widespread use in our health and wellness industries. Aside from its reported efficacy in helping combat viral infections and prevent such chronic ailments as diabetes and certain forms of cancer, some papaya extracts have been shown to be useful in settling stomach and intestinal trouble. One of these extracts (Carpain) has proven to be an effective killer of parasites that tend to infest the intestines. Another one of its extracts known as papain is useful in helping with the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. 

  • Persimmon Leaves

While the fruit of the persimmon plant is edible and popular, especially in certain Asian nations such as China and Japan, its leaves found widespread use in traditional Chinese practice. Today, we still recognize the benefits accruing to us as a result of taking it. Its inclusion in the formulation of Iaso Tea is no coincidence, as these leaves contain substantial amounts of vitamin C, tannins, carotenoids, choline, magnesium, and calcium.

Studies conducted on the plant have indicated that persimmon can be useful in the prevention of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis as well as help deal with high body temperatures (fever) and hiccoughs. For those out there hoping to shed some excess weight, it also brings something to the table as it plays a role in easing constipation and helping our bodies deal with water retention.

Note: Owing to its blood-pressure lowering qualities, those who are currently taking medication to deal with high blood pressure should consult their primary caregiver before taking persimmon or products containing it so as to avoid the possibility of getting their blood pressure levels too low.

  • Marshmallow

The marshmallow is another high-profile name on this list, having been noted for its medicinal efficacy thousands of years ago. Its scientific name, Althaea officinalis, is in fact derived from the Greek althein, which means ‘to heal’. Although it saw a wide range of uses historically, it has come to mainly be associated with relief from gastric and throat ulcers, which makes it an ideal component in a detoxifier. It is able to settle any stomach issues by soothing the mucous membranes lining the gastrointestinal tract, thus providing digestive relief for its users. 

  • Myrrh

Myrrh is the resin (sap-like substance) we obtain from certain trees when their bark is cut or broken. Those familiar with their Bible will recognize the name and know that it has been considered a valuable product since Biblical times.  While most will associate it with its common use in fragrant perfumes and incense, it is also widely valued for its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. What makes its inclusion in Iaso Tea relevant, however, is the fact that it is useful in the alleviation of intestinal and stomach troubles such as indigestion and the recurring symptoms of ulcerative colitis. It has also been shown to be useful in the fight against intestinal parasites and the infections they are prone to cause.

  • Chamomile

Anyone with an interest in the health and wellness field will have come across chamomile in some form or another. It is one of the most widely-used and highly-regarded natural remedies out there today, seeing use in countless supplements, herbal teas, and detoxifiers. In the majority of instances, chamomile is utilized for its efficacy as a sleeping aid, helping people achieve better quality sleep each night. Traditionally and today, chamomile is used as a dietary supplement to help alleviate troubles going further than insomnia, including diarrhea, flatulence, anxiety, and stomach upsets.

The scientific community continues to find more and more promising indications of what this herbal resource is capable of doing for us. Research suggests that it may play a role in the regulation of sugar levels and that the antioxidants it contains can help us more effectively guard ourselves against the prevalence of stress-related chronic diseases and conditions such as hypertension and strokes. The free radicals inherent in these antioxidants have also shown a capacity to help our immune systems fight off harmful uninvited guests in our internal body systems.

  • Milk Thistle

This is a highly potent member of the Iaso Tea family of ingredients and deserves its place on the list. Extracts of the milk thistle plant have been shown to be highly efficacious in the fight against indigestion (dyspepsia), nausea, acid reflux, stomach cramping, and vomiting. There are studies that suggest it might also play a significant role in alleviating the recurrent symptoms of ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel ailment. 

  • Holy/Blessed Thistle

As you might be able to guess from the name, this plant is held in very high regard and has been for hundreds of years by medical practitioners. Back in the Middle Ages, monks would use it in general tonics and as a treatment for bubonic plague, hence its revered stature. In more modern times, we have found its leaves, upper stems, and flowering tops useful in the preparation of teas and supplements designed to help combat indigestion and as a diuretic, which are the qualities that make it relevant for our purposes here.


This is yet another all-star natural remedy that has found a place in Iaso Tea’s formulation. Ginger has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese and Arabic medicinal heritages for a variety of purposes. In modern times, however, we have come to rely on it for its powerful action in counteracting inflammation and nausea. Certain chemicals contained in this natural resource are proven to be highly effective when used in laxative, anti-flatulence, and antacid products. While the scientific community is largely united in the belief that ginger’s effectiveness stems from its work in the intestines and stomach, some hold the opinion that it also works on the nervous system and brain to help control the symptoms of nausea.

Benefits of Iaso Tea

There is a raft of accrued benefits to be enjoyed by users of Iaso Tea’s all-natural detox formulation aside from the benefits derived from its individual components. The whole here is greater than the sum of the parts. These include relief from constipation, digestive efficiency improvement, lower and upper intestine cleansing, elimination of bodily toxins, appetite suppression, as well as a general improvement in sleep quality. 

  • Constipation relief, detoxification, appetite reduction, and digestive and sleep improvements all contribute towards our goal of eliminating excess body weight and keeping it off on a long-term basis. Users of Iaso Tea may expect to lose up to 5 lbs. within the first week of using the detoxifier, with gradual and sustained weight loss continuing as you go on with the regimen. Combined with a sound dietary plan and a reasonable amount of exercise, your weight loss journey should be significantly easier than it once was.
  • An inefficient digestive system and frequent constipation may result in digestive pains, bloating, and an inability to effectively lose weight. 
  • Keeping your appetite in check will limit the number of calories consumed each day, with the result that you will shed weight at a faster rate. 
  • General detoxification not only gets rid of water weight and harmful gut bacteria, it also streamlines our digestive processes, meaning we get the most out of the food that we eat, which is a vital aspect of any diet management plan. 
  • Sleeping well is an important requirement for anyone trying to lose weight, as our sleep cycles impact the production of certain hormones that play a key role in our body’s fat metabolism and regulation. 

In combination, the benefits of Iaso Tea are not only highly useful and effective for those looking for a general detoxification program, but for those seeking help with their weight loss efforts as well. 

How Iaso Tea Works

Most detox and diet teas contain diuretic and laxative ingredients. Diuretics are substances that encourage the elimination of wastewater, mainly in the form of urine, while laxatives are those that encourage the elimination of solid waste through bowel movements. The use of laxatives and diuretics has been known to result in unsavory effects such as dehydration, diarrhea, electrolyte imbalances, and a laxative dependency for bowel evacuation. The trick that many diet teas play on unwitting consumers is that these effects can result in a sudden drop in a user’s weight, but since it only comes as a result of water weight loss rather than the elimination of excess fat from our bodies, it doesn’t last for very long. You’ll notice that Iaso Tea’s blend contains ingredients in both the diuretic and laxative categories. The salient question here thus reveals itself – What makes Iaso Tea any different from all the other diet and detox teas out there?

Iaso Tea’s formulation will do much more for you than stimulate short-term fat elimination. The digestive system optimization, intestinal cleansing, circulatory system support, sleep quality enhancement, and energy and mood boost that taking it regularly as instructed will bring you is a sure way to bring about long-term results. If what you need is a long-term solution to your excess weight troubles and a reliable, all-natural detoxifier, then this is what you want.

It’s important to note that because you want long-term benefits, you need to take Iaso Tea consistently for at least one month so as not to see the effects reversed. Sensible eating habits and a reasonable level of physical activity also go hand-in-hand with this regimen. There are no miracles when it comes to losing weight, and Iaso Tea does not claim to be the first. Dedication and commitment will still be required from you, even though this detox tea will make the process easier for you.   

How to Use Iaso Tea

One of the great features of Iaso Tea’s special all-natural formulation is the fact that it is compatible with almost any dietary plan you might currently be on. It is suitable for Gluten-Free, Vegan-Keto, Paleo, Soy-Free, and Dairy-Free diets. It is also free of caffeine.

For best results with this product, take approximately 8 fluid ounces (one cup) of Iaso Tea before taking your lunch or dinner. A further 4 ounces (half a cup) is advisable before your evening snack. In totality, the best results have been reported by those taking at least 12 ounces each day, even with those that sip it gradually as the day goes rather than specifically before meal times.

With that said, the nitty-gritty of making Iaso Tea is quite simple: 

  • Bring about 4 cups of water to boil (don’t use your microwave to heat or reheat your water).
  • Proceed to put in 2 Iaso Tea bags into the water and cover it up to soak for about 8 hours.
  • Take the cooled tea and mix it in with an additional 12cups of pure water in order to make 1 gallon of Iaso Tea, keeping the tea bags immersed for optimal results.

Some Iaso Tea Reports

Works great for me! I don’t have the time to get much exercise done so this really helps me keep my eating in check. 8 pounds in two weeks was impossible for me before this. Hope it keeps up!

-Chloe Blomquist

Packed on quite a few pounds in the stay-at-home season and was looking for some help reining in my waistline. So far so good. Looking to try out Nutraburst to see whether I can get my pre-lockdown body back. We’ll see whether I can keep off the inches

-Priscilla D’Orsino

It’s easy enough to stick to the schedule and it doesn’t taste too bad. I haven’t yet seen much weight change a couple of weeks in but I’ve noticed better energy levels and my tummy troubles disappeared, so, there’s that going for it.

-Danny Hodges 

In Conclusion

Iaso Tea offers you and delivers longterm results. You won’t simply lose your water weight only to gain it all back and more within a week or so. You will be able to shake off those extra pounds and keep them off for good.

This will, however, call for a degree of dedication from you. There are no miracle products or magic pills you can take when it comes to losing weight. Safe, effective, and long-lasting results are a journey, but Iaso Tea can help make it a much shorter one for you. Take Iaso Tea as directed for the recommended duration. When you combine this with a reasonable dietary regimen and keep your body active, you should melt away the excess fat that’s been holding you back faster than you thought possible.

If you’ve been hoping for an all-natural detoxifying and weight-loss tea to help you along your health and wellness journey, then Iaso Tea is the answer to your prayers. Better sleep, increased mental and physical energy, general body detoxification, and helpful nudge on your weight loss path are part of the Iaso Tea package, and you don’t want to miss out. Take it as directed and you can confidently look forward to seeing rapid and long-lasting results. Give yourself the helping hand that you need. Make your order today.


Holy Thistle

Blessed Thistle

Persimmon Leaves

Papaya Extract

Malva Leaves

Marsh Mallow




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