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Loaded with vitamins—like B-12 and pantothenic acid—Life Drops support all your body’s systems so you can work to be your best. Thiamin and Niacin promote cell health, and we’ve included all-natural green tea leaf and pomegranate extracts because we know a complete supplement is important to you.*

What You’ll Feel

May increase thermogenesis.*
Helps burn more calories through thermogenesis.*
May support blood fat levels, which promotes overall heart health.*

Effective Energy Boost in a Single Drop!

What is Life Drops?

Life Drops is a premium energy and fitness solution designed by Total Life Changes scientists to help us achieve our health and fitness goals in a convenient and effective a manner as possible. It is an ideal product for those seeking to lose weight, as it will give your metabolic system a boost while increasing your energy levels. One of the chief challenges facing people on diets and exercise regimens in efforts to lose weight is a feeling of fatigue from the reduced-calorie intakes and physical exhaustion. Life Drops will support you in these efforts by giving you the added energy and metabolic efficiency you need to comfortably keep up with your weight loss, health, and fitness journey in a simple, safe, and effective manner.

What You’ll Feel

Energy Boost

The components in TLC Life Drops are selected for their various roles and abilities. Many of them are effective in increasing the supply and availability of cellular energy, meaning that we will experience a boost in energy levels without having to increase our caloric intake. This is a vital benefit for those of us on dietary and exercise regimens with the aim of losing weight or gaining general body fitness.

Increased Metabolic Efficiency

Our bodies carry out the process of metabolism to convert the calories we take in into energy for bodily functions. An inefficient or underperforming metabolism will mean that we have to eat more for less energy and benefits. Getting our metabolic working at optimum levels will thus lead to a reduction in the amount of food we need to be energetic and free from fatigue.

Weight Loss Assistance

Losing weight is often at the center of our health and fitness plans, but this can be a challenge for many of us in today’s world. Life Drops are designed to provide us with metabolic support and cellular energy optimization so that our weight loss efforts can be facilitated to achieve the best results possible.

What is in Life Drops?

The mix of components that Total Life Changes incorporate into Life Drops is designed to deliver a significant boost in your overall energy levels by acting on various aspects of your body systems.

Vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 type that you will get in Life Drops is known as methylcobalamin and has a variety of useful benefits in the human body. Generally, it is scientifically noted for its role in the creation of DNA and keeping our nerve cells as well as red blood cells healthy. The important reason for its inclusion in TLC Life Drops is its effectiveness in keeping our red blood cells functioning optimally. When these cells are doing their job, nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, sugars) are delivered to our muscles at a more efficient rate for the process of metabolism to take place there. Metabolism is the process by which our bodies convert nutrients into energy, meaning that we will burn up more calories and enjoy higher energy levels. This is of great help in any weight loss and fitness regimen.


This is a vitamin that is found in small quantities in food sources such as milk, bananas, and eggs. Many people might not be getting enough of this vitamin in their daily diets, and this might be more significant for those who are on a weight loss diet or exercise regimen. The function of biotin in TLC Life Drops is to help in the metabolic processes of our bodies by supporting the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and more. Having adequate biotin levels will mean that your body will have access to the maximum possible nutrients and energy available from the food you eat, making you feel fuller and more energetic with less food. This is undoubted of great benefit for those trying to shed excess weight and boost their energy levels.

Pantothenic Acid (D-Calcium Pantothenate)

This is a form of vitamin B5 which is widely available in such food sources as grains, legumes, meat, eggs, vegetables, and milk. It has various beneficial uses in the human body but its general scientific function is to facilitate the absorption and efficient usage of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. This metabolic system and energy supporting results make it a valuable addition in the formulation of Life Drops. It is often prescribed to patients suffering from such ailments as obesity, low blood sugar, insomnia, low blood pressure, baldness, asthma, celiac disease, weak immune system strength, and more.


Thiamine is a vital element in the human body, being useful in the proper functioning of various systems and body processes. While its inclusion in the formulation of Life Drops is due to the vital part it plays in the formation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the energy source that cells use to function. Our bodies require thiamine for the effective breakdown and absorption of dietary carbohydrates. It also serves us by helping protect against digestive troubles, diabetic pain symptoms, boosting our immune systems and more.


This is an iteration of vitamin B3 that is a significant supporter of our body metabolism. Niacin is a scarce component in the average person’s diet, which makes it a very popular addition in dietary and fitness supplements. Niacin contributes to the process of converting carbohydrates that we ingest into glucose, which is the most readily absorbed and utilized source of energy in our bodies. Its inclusion in the ingredient list of Life Drops is also influenced by niacin’s ability to help limit the presence of ‘bad’ cholesterol in favor of ‘good’ cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins). The presence of adequate niacin levels in our systems contributes to more efficient metabolism, higher energy levels, as well as an increase in cardiovascular and circulatory system health.

How to Use Life Drops

Getting the benefits of TLC Life Drops is a very simple and straightforward process, free of any mixing, processing, or complicated steps. This product comes in a simple bottle with a dropper fitted onto the cap. What you should do is first shake the bottle well to ensure the contents are evenly spread throughout the liquid. Take hold of the rubber top of the bottle’s cap. Squeeze it between your fingers and then release it to fill up the dropper. Take out the full dropper, place it under your tongue and squeeze the rubber top once more to release the liquid. Hold this solution underneath your tongue for approximately thirty seconds. Do this once each day. For best results, take Life Drops at least 15 minutes before taking a meal (breakfast is the best time). 

Don’t Miss Out!

Knowing how difficult the journey to maximized health and fitness is, it would be a shame to miss out on a product that offers us so much assistance towards this objective. Total Life Changes Life Drops has the ability to stimulate your metabolism for optimal nutrient utilization and energy provision, meaning that you will be better able to carry out your dietary and exercise routines without the feelings of constant hunger and fatigue that make things so arduous for most of us. Take advantage of the incredible opportunities Life Drops makes possible. Place your order today!

Some Customer Reports

As simple as it gets! After 3 weeks taking Life Drops daily, I’ve lost 6 pounds off my waistline that’s been a struggle for over a year. It has made sticking to my diet and exercise schedules a whole lot easier, which I’m sure is the reason for my success. So here’s to the next 6 pounds gone, and thank you TLC!

-Dannielle P.


Life Drops Proprietary Blend (Green tea leaf extract)
Life Drops Proprietary Blend (Pomegranate fruit extract)
Life Drops Proprietary Blend (Acerola fruit extract)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
Vitamin B6

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