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Matrix is a 100% organic plant-based nutrition shake with a complete balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, branched-chain amino acids, adaptogens, digestive enzymes, pre- and probiotics, and high-quality fiber. Perfect for athletes, busy moms, or anyone seeking a healthy meal replacement.*

What You’ll Feel

All-natural fiber leaves you feeling full.*

Antioxidants maintain cell integrity.*

Low in calories, and high in protein.*

When looking for products that are as nutritious as your meals, meal replacement formulations are what you need.

The wellness market offers a wide range of meal replacement to consider using. However, it is crucial that you go for the best brands you can find, which means doing some research. Not every product you come across is safe for you. It is possible to find items containing harmful or questionable ingredients or do not include the nutrition the manufacturer claims. MatriX is one of the meal replacement solutions you should consider using.

Matrix is an organic nutrition shake with multiple nutrients to nourish your body. It is high-quality and GMO-free to protect your health. Besides, it contains powerful components to keep your body functioning correctly. Being vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free, this product suits every user. Nevertheless, it contains minimal calories and high protein levels, making it ideal for users who need to lose weight.

What Is Matrix?

Matrix is an organic plant-based meal replacement shake from Total Life Changes, LLC. Available in powder form, one pack carries 15 sachets. The formula contains vegan protein and comes in a delicious vanilla flavor. It incorporates a complete balance of various nutrients to replace your meals. Your body gets the nourishment it needs to perform efficiently.

Anyone can drink the shake. It is suitable for anyone needing a healthy meal replacement, including athletes, students, and busy mums included. TLC provides a 30-days money-back guarantee. However, individual results vary from user to user depending on factors such as diet, exercise, and dedication.

The Ingredients in Matrix

The ingredients Total Life Changes uses in Matrix are designed to provide your body with essential nutrients. They provide you with the energy you need for the day and keep you feeling full for longer to prevent cravings and support a healthy appetite. The product could have nutrients that lack in some of your meals. Therefore, it helps you balance your nutrition and boost your wellbeing. Besides, Matrix fosters a healthy gut and supports the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Important Ingredients

Remember, Total Life Changes utilizes organic components. The company uses natural flavor and stevia as a natural sweetener. Here are the ingredients present in each Matrix sachet.

  1. Ashwagandha: it is a powerful herb from India used to enhance vitality, reduce sugar cravings, strengthen the immune system, and boost physical energy. The component can also ease insomnia, stress, and anxiety.
  2. Maca: if you are an athlete, maca enhances your endurance. It contains multiple nutrients, which make it a superfood. It has high amounts of protein, fiber, natural sugars, fiber, calcium, potassium, iodine, and magnesium. However, it also helps balance natural hormones in both men and women.
  3. Adaptogens: note that maca and ashwagandha are superfoods. They are also adaptogens, so they help your body manage daily stress.
  4. Ganoderma lucidum: it is another adaptogen present in the shake. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom that has the highest level of antioxidants than other natural foods. Ganoderma enhances the immune system and fosters cardiovascular health. It is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor. It also reduces stress, improves sleep, and lessens the signs of aging.
  5. Schizandra: this is an exotic berry that offers a normalizing effect on your body. It lowers the overproduction of stress hormones to support better mental performance and physical endurance.
  6. Complex carbs: Matrix contains plant-based, all-natural complex carbs that provide your body with all day, sustained energy. The shake has no added sugars but contains stevia, a natural sweetener.
  7. Plant protein: when looking for high-grade meal replacement shakes, one of the factors to consider is the protein content. A satisfying product has 15g of protein or more. Matrix offers your body 21g of protein for satiety. It is more than what some top brands are offering. That way, you will feel full for longer, which prevents cravings and snacking on unhealthy foods. The manufacturer uses pea concentrate, brown rice, chia seeds, quinoa, and millet as protein sources for the shake. 
  8. Fat: your body needs healthy fats to support various bodily functions, including protecting different organs. Matrix contains 4g of fat. However, it has no trans fats or cholesterol. 
  9. Calories: the shake contains 140calories, which is a minimal quantity ideal for users who want to lose weight. However, the amount can be too low for some users, considering some shakes contain up to 600calories per serving. You need adequate calories for energy and productivity. Unless you are on a low-calorie diet for weight loss, the Matrix shake may not suit you. However, its high protein content could provide an alternative source of energy. It also keeps you full for several hours.
  10. Prebiotic fiber: it supports proper digestion and fosters satiety. Matrix gets its fiber from apple pectin, psyllium husk, and Jerusalem artichoke.
  11. Amino acids: these are the building blocks of protein. They are essential for muscle building and form a large part of cells and tissues as well.
  12. Digestive enzymes: Matrix entails enzymes such as amylases, bromelain, papain, cellulose, lactase, lipase, maltase, and protease to aid proper digestion.
  13. Probiotics: the product contains 1billion CFU probiotics that support gut health.
  14. Minerals: it also has potassium, iron, and calcium, essential ingredients that ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to work at its best.

The Benefits of Matrix

Matrix is a nutritious, delicious meal replacement shake with several benefits. They include the following.

  • Helps with weight loss and control
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Provides essential nutrients with few calories
  • Boosts vitality and endurance
  • Decreases cravings
  • Provides sustained energy
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Keeps you feeling full for several hours
  • Offers high-quality nutrition

What You’ll Feel

The shake should enable you to feel some as you use it.

  • You’ll feel full: the fiber and protein in Matrix help your body control your appetite. That way, you do not feel hungry sooner, which lowers cravings.
  • Less weight gain: the 140 calories per serving is a minimal amount that should keep weight gain at bay. Consuming high amounts of calories contributes to weight gain, which derails weight loss efforts.
  • Stronger defenses: Ganoderma lucidum and other antioxidants in the product boost your immune system. They prevent inflammation and maintain cell integrity. Besides, Ganoderma is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.

How Matrix Works

Matrix is a meal replacement shake, so it works by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to function efficiently. 21g protein, 8g carbs, and 5g fat per serving are the macronutrients. However, you also get minerals, antioxidants, adaptogens, fiber, and probiotics form the products. These components support various functions in your body to keep things running. You get the energy, satiety, and improved immune system.

How to Use Matrix

As mentioned earlier, Matrix is available in a 15-sachet pack. Mix one sachet with 10 ounces of water or unsweetened almond milk for a mouthwatering, vanilla drink. You can use a blender of a shaker bottle. Note that the 140 calories are a low amount, so adding more from milk will not make your calorie intake too high.

Total Life Changes recommends that you use one packet daily unless your health professional says otherwise. You could also make Matrix with berries or bananas or use coconut milk.

However, you can replace two meals using the shake and have one proper meal if you need to lose weight. Later you can shift to having one shake serving and two meals daily. Drink the shake 30 minutes before eating and reap the benefits.

Total Life Changes also says Matrix is best used with SlimAM, NRG, and Phyte.

SlimAM provides an energy boost, which improves your performance during workouts for fitness and weight loss. NRG, on the other hand, fosters focus, enhances fat burning, and provides stained energy. However, Phyte provides your daily vegetable servings. It contains whole foods, super greens, and other organic ingredients. It offers your body essential nutrients, including minerals and vitamins.

Product Reviews/Results

Matrix contains organic, plant-based components that are powerful and safe for your health. Users are happy with the product, saying it keeps them full for longer and provides the energy they need to get through various tasks.

One of them states, “This product is great. I love it.”

Another one adds, “I have always disliked protein shakes, but when I tried Matrix, I was amazed. It keeps you full for several hours, and it’s 100 % vegan. I recommend Matrix to everyone because it’s an amazing and very tasty and flavorful shake.”


Matrix contains the most nutrients your body needs to function normally. It could also have nutrients your meals lack. Proteins and fiber keep you full, while carbs provide energy. You also get probiotics for a healthy gut and minerals. The shake contains Ganoderma lucidum, which has powerful antioxidant levels to benefit your immune system. The vanilla flavor is popular, and it tastes great. Instead of using water, you can mix the powder with unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk and savor the drink. Get to replace your meals with a product rich in essential nutrients.









What You’ll Feel