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Power up for your workout routine and start your day the positive way! Slim AM is a unique, high-quality supplement designed for overall health maintenance.* Our formula contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, and pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine. Drink up and get moving! Contains amino acids, antioxidants, and folic acid. Eye-opening raspberry flavor.*

What You’ll Feel

Amino acids promote natural growth hormones.*

Antioxidants support cell integrity and repair.*

Folic acid encourages new cell growth.*

Energize Your Day, Everyday

What is Slim AM?

Slim AM is a powerful energy and fitness that will give you the energy boost you need to accomplish your health and fitness goals in no time! Created by the scientific expertise of Total Life Changes nutritionists and dieticians, this is a supplement that is geared towards helping those among us who need some help getting their bodies into active gear and into the shape they want. You have the option of taking it as a pre-workout drink or at the start of your day for increased energy levels. Enriched with an effective formulation of effective ingredients including L-Arginine, Nitric Oxide, amino acids, folic acid, and antioxidants, Slim AM is designed to give you an effective, high-quality daily boost and comes in a delicious raspberry flavor.

What You’ll Feel

Enhanced Exercise Performance

Getting our bodies moving through exercising is one of the pillars of healthy living, and to accomplish it effectively, our bodies require a good amount of energy. You can’t get much exercise done if you’re feeling drained and tired, to begin with. Slim AM is designed to give you the boost you need to get started on your workout and to continue with it for as long as you need in order to enjoy its full benefits. L-Arginine is an amino acid, which is the building block of protein in our bodies. It works to stimulate the production of HGH (human growth hormone) and insulin in our bodies. It also plays a role in supporting the production of nitric oxide in our muscles which greatly aids proper blood flow, vascular functionality, and intramuscular blood circulation. All these directly support your physical exercise efforts and ensure you get the best results possible from them.

Improved Blood Flow and Lowered Cholesterol

L-Arginine is scientifically proven to be a great supplement in the health and fitness world, which is what makes it the ideal component in any energy and fitness formulation. Slim AM from TLC is packed with this useful compound, which serves us in a variety of ways, key among them being the stimulation of nitric oxide production.  Nitric oxide is instrumental in the regulation of ‘bad’ cholesterol levels in our bloodstreams and also acts to facilitate proper blood flow in our circulatory systems by dilating or widening our vascular networks.

Increased Physical Energy Levels and New Cell Growth

Slim AM is highly effective for those who engage in heightened physical activity or exercise in order to maintain their fitness levels or who are trying to increase their strength. By enabling the adequate flow of blood to our muscles as we exercise or go about our day, this exceptional TLC product makes our efforts significantly easier and more effective in the short term – through increased energy levels – as well as in the long term – through increased human growth hormone levels. The new cell growth that is required for muscle building is greatly influenced by another of TLC Slim AM’s ingredients known as folic acid.

What’s In Slim AM?


This is the main component of Slim AM and is a chemical building block in the class of amino acids. While its main function comes in the production of protein in our bodies, it is valuable to us in terms of energy and fitness due to its role as a preceding factor in the generation of nitric oxide. This is a chemical that causes our blood vessels to open up, increasing blood flow which is much needed by our muscles, especially when undertaking physical activity. This action is what makes it useful in the regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels. L-Arginine is also instrumental in the production of growth hormone and insulin.


This is an iteration of vitamin B (B3) to be found in Slim AM and is useful here due to its ability to support our metabolic processes (how our bodies turn food into energy). As our diets are generally deficient in niacin, it is a widespread addition in health and fitness supplements. Niacin is also noted fr its beneficial role in the increase of ‘good’ cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) in our bodies, which is great for the health of our hearts and circulatory systems.


This is a precursor for the production and utilization of nitric oxide and L-Arginine, which are highly useful in the support and optimization of blood flow to our muscle tissues, which is essential for any energy and fitness requirements we might wish to attain.

N-Acetyl Cysteine

This is among the numerous anti-oxidants found in Slim AM. TLC includes various antioxidants in this product because of the support they provide to our bodies in their fight against the effects of aging as well as to help support our immune system defenses against external infections and possible ailments.

Rhodiola Rosea (Root) Extract

This is among a class of compounds known as adaptogens. They are referred to this due to their ability to help our bodies adapt to and resists chemical, physical, and environmental stress. This is highly useful in TLC Slim AM as it helps allow us to engage in physical activity for longer and with more intensity without suffering from fatigue. It also helps regulate our heartbeat and prevent cellular damage.

Banaba Root Extract

This is derived from the leaves of the Banaba plant that is native to the Philippines and South East Asia. It has found modern use in the treatment of high blood sugar (diabetes) but is useful in Slim AM due to its effect on the way our bodies utilize insulin. This action is what makes it useful in health and fitness as well as weight loss arenas.

Turmeric Root Extract

The active ingredient in turmeric is known as curcumin, and it is this that is utilized in TLC Slim AM for its effectiveness in lowering the levels of cholesterol in our bodies by reducing triglyceride concentrations in our blood. It is also useful in combating pain and inflammation in our bodies.

Vitamin B12

This is an essential vitamin, meaning that it is required for our bodies to function properly. Its specific role in human beings is the formation and function of blood cells, nerves, and brain tissue.

Folic Acid

This is a soluble iteration of vitamin B compounds that finds use in human beings in a number of ways. Its inclusion in the formulation of Slim AM is, however, due to its effectiveness as a vascular dilator (helps open up blood vessels) which is vital for proper flow of nutrients and oxygen which our muscles require to function properly.

How to Use Slim AM

Making Slim AM work for you is as simple as you could ever hope for despite the fact that we’re dealing with such an effective energy and fitness solution. Each pack comes with 20 sachets of Slim Am, which is enough to last you 20 days if used as recommended. For best results, it is suggested that you take one sachet and mix it in thoroughly with a glass of water so that it dissolves completely. Take this on an empty stomach just before or during your exercise routine. If you simply want to boost your energy levels, you may take it in the morning before you start your day.

Don’t Miss Out!

TLC has a wealth of experience in the energy and fitness world, and Slim AM is one of its most effective products. It makes it very simple and convenient to receive an effective energy boost that optimizes the benefits we get from our exercise regimens and will also increase our energy levels as we go about our days. It makes for a great addition to any health and fitness plan and goes well with any diets you may simultaneously be on.

Some User Comments

An incredible change since I started using Slim AM! Working out has always been a terrible challenge for me (maybe I’m not used to it but still…) but I’ve settled into a routine that’s not too bad for me. Keeping to my schedule when feeling tired and out of it has been a source of anxiety and guilt for a while but since I started taking SlimAM the trouble has virtually disappeared! Getting up and at it, every day is no longer the epic struggle it used to be, and I hope this goes on because I definitely will!

-Marjorie Sudekis




N-Acetyl Cysteine

Rhodiola Rosea (root) Extract

Banaba Leaf Extract

Instant BCAA 2:1:1

Turmeric Root Extract

Choline Bitartrate


Vitamin B12

Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)



Folic Acid

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