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Everything you’ve ever wanted in a toothpaste: support for a cleaner mouth while promoting a healthy appetite!*

What You’ll Feel

Protection from bad breath.

Support for healthy gums and teeth.

Great taste!

Slim Paste Weight Loss Toothpaste Review

Brushing Off Weight One Day at a Time!

What is TLC Slim Paste?

Total Life Changes is always innovating and coming up with new ways to help clients achieve their health, wellness, and weight loss objectives. With Slim Paste, they have come up with a revolutionary new way to help us on the often difficult journey to ideal weight. This product acts very effectively as a traditional toothpaste, responsible for cleaning our teeth, eliminating bacteria, and leaving things smelling fresh, but it also serves another purpose. A highly effective blend of nine all-natural minerals, herbs and oils will give you excellent oral health in addition to weight loss assistance. TLC Slim Paste will support your weight loss efforts by acting to suppress your appetite, meaning you will take in fewer calories in a day and boost your metabolism to burn fat at a faster rate as well. The results will be an easier time shedding off unwanted weight. Who could ask for more convenience than that?

What You’ll Feel

Fresh breath all-day

With powerful oral health ingredients such as essential peppermint oil, Slim Paste toothpaste works to produce fresh, minty, and long long-lasting breath. You can be confident that your mouth will be left smelling good as you go about your day.

Healthy gums and tartar control

The gums that hold our teeth in place are just as important as our teeth themselves, which is why TLC Slim Paste includes components that will specifically work to increase the durability and ability to hold your teeth firmly in place. Tartar is the stubborn film of buildup that coats the teeth of countless victims and is most commonly the result of a high-sugar diet. Ingredients such as bentonite clay, stevioside powder, and sodium bicarbonate work chemically and mechanically to dissolve and scrub away this unsightly occurrence, leaving your smile looking as pearly-white as you like.

Appetite and sugar cravings reduction

Those of us who have trouble losing weight and keeping it off will probably know how much of a challenge it is sticking to a diet plan. The first major obstacle is sticking to appropriate meal portions, and it is also exceptionally difficult to stay away from sugary drinks and snacks. TLC Slim Paste offers us a helping hand in facing both of these challenges. 

Increased metabolic action

TLC Slim Paste is uniquely formulated to deliver slimming assistance to those wishing to lose weight. It is able to do this thanks to the inclusion of ingredients such as organic ginger, organic cinnamon essential oil, and organic green tea. If you have any experience with these ingredients, you will know that they are each highly effective in their roles as appetite suppressants, detoxifiers, and metabolic rate boosters. A heightened metabolic rate means that your body will increasingly burn stored energy reserves (fat) for its energy requirements, even as you sleep. The happy result will be a significant increase in the rate at which you shed unwanted weight. Suppressing the appetite will, of course, lead to a decrease in the number of calories we consume daily, with weight loss being the logical result of this.

Better Gut Health

Organic green tea, one of the components that make up TLC Slim Paste, is a great detoxifier and all-round weight loss supplement. By helping clear our digestive system of unwanted ‘bad’ bacteria, our alimentary canal will work more efficiently. This has various benefits for us including, more effective nutritional uptake, relief from digestive troubles, and more. A healthy gut is at the foundation of a healthy body.

What Goes Into TLC Slim Paste?

The uniquely powerful blend of ingredients that goes into the making of TLC Slim Paste makes it a wonderful addition to any health and weight loss regimen. You can group its components into two categories according to what they do for us. 

Oral health ingredients

These are those that work to promote our oral health by clearing away bacteria, dealing with tartar buildup, helping keep our breath fresh, and strengthening our teeth and gums. You will find many of these ingredients in many effective oral health products.

  • Organic Coconut oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Organic Peppermint essential oil
  • Stevioside powder
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Xanthan Gum

Slimming ingredients

These are the components that make TLC Slim Paste different from regular toothpastes by working to support our weight loss efforts. They accomplish this by curbing our appetite, eliminating the occurrence of sugar cravings, and stimulating our metabolisms to more efficiently burn up fat.

  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Cinnamon Leaf essential oil
  • Organic Ginger essential oil

Note: TLC Slim Paste is entirely free of fluoride and glycerin

How to Use Slim Paste

Using TLC Slim Paste is as simple as you could ever hope. You only need to brush your teeth with it as you normally would with regular toothpaste. Squeeze it onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly with it. For best results, do this three times a day or after every meal.

Choose TLC Slim Paste

We rarely have the opportunity to use a product that combines two functions that are so important to us in such a simple and convenient way. TLC Slim Paste is a great solution for those of us who would like to see some extra unwanted pounds taken off from our bodies. The fact that we get to help this process along while performing one of the most basic daily routines is a welcome and convenient bonus. Don’t miss out on this chance to speed up your weight loss journey simply and effectively. Place your order of TLC Slim Paste today!

Some Satisfied Customers

Would recommend it if you don’t mind experimenting. I haven’t come across any slimming pastes before, but this works great as regular toothpaste. I only started using Slim Paste about a week ago, so I can only wait and see what the results will be. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, however. There’s no harm in trying it out anyway, seeing as my diet seems to have stalled on me.

Marjorie N.


Organic Coconut oil

Sea Salt

Bentonite Clay

Organic Peppermint essential oil

Stevioside powder

Organic Green Tea

Organic Cinnamon Leaf essential oil

Organic Ginger essential oil

Sodium Bicarbonate

Zinc Oxide

Xanthan Gum

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