Stem Sense

Stimulate Your Stem Cells

A complex, all-natural dietary supplement that delivers potent anti-inflammatory support compounds to help your joints and muscles.*

What You’ll Feel

Anti-inflammatories promote joint and muscle function.*
Encourage healthier brain cell communication through the re-growth of neurites.*
A rich source of chromium, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.*

Muscle and joint problems cause pain and discomfort, but there are products that can help.

Perhaps you have been on your feet all day, and you feel sore. Your joints and muscles need some relief to rejuvenate. Maybe you have arthritis and need something to improve the conditions. The wellness industry offers various products to enhance muscle and joint health. They help you get into better shape. Besides, they also aid with muscle repair after workouts to keep you fit and functioning properly. One of the solutions on the market is Stem Sense.

It is a rejuvenating formula that activates stem cells in the human body to replace worn-out cells and boost physical and mental energy. It contains natural components that ensure safety for your health. The product also helps with muscle issues due to aging. It assists in keeping users youthful as it replaces old cells with new ones to ensure optimum functioning of various organs.

What Is Stem Sense?

Stem Sense is one of the multiple dietary supplements that Total Life Changes (TLC) offers. It is designed to support muscle and joint repair. It is all-natural, thus no side effect to worry about. However, it contains anti-inflammatory components that ease muscle and joint soreness. It also helps with aging, after workouts, and joint problems such as arthritis.

The manufacturer provides the product in vegetable capsules, so it is suitable for all users. The purple packaging looks fantastic and carries 60 pills. TLC also offers 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the formulation. Note that, the supplement works differently for each user, and the results vary depending on your background, dedication, diet, and exercise. That way, do not compare your progress with someone else’s because our bodies react differently to dietary solutions.

Besides muscle repair and easing soreness, Stem Sense may also improve your thinking sharpness and memory. Get to focus, concentrate, and be productive.

The Ingredients in Stem Sense

The ingredients TC utilizes in Stem Sense are designed to rejuvenate your body. They stimulate growth factors that activate stem cells, which in return, replace worn-out cells for increased physical and mental energy. The relief for your muscles and joints fosters mobility, so you can continue working and running errands without discomfort. Besides, the energy you get from the capsules helps in keeping you alert and focused.

Important Ingredients

Total Life Changes uses proprietary, natural ingredients to ensure consumers get a high-grade Stem Sense formula. Below are the components responsible for how the product works.

  1. Nerve Growth Factor (NGF): it activates brain stem cells to encourage the re-growth of neurites, a process that promotes better brain cell communication.
  2. Freeze-dried egg powder: TLC makes this ingredient the same way milk powder is. The fully dehydrated eggs provide a rich source of protein, a macronutrient that fosters muscle growth and repair.
  3. Hydroxytyrosol powder: it is a highly potent antioxidant that relieves inflammation and prevents cell damage. The extract is made from the olive fruit, whose derivatives prevent the oxidative state of blood lipids. Hydroxytyrosol is 3,000 times extra powerful than the vitamin C antioxidant.
  4. Schisandra Chinensis extract: the Schisandra fruit is used in making medicine besides being food. It is an adaptogen that increases your body’s resistance to stress and disease. Adaptogens help in dealing with daily stress, thus fostering mental wellbeing. The ingredient also boosts your energy levels and physical performance and endurance. Get to work out more, burn the calories, and stay fit. Besides, it enhances your memory and clarity of thinking.
  5. Boswellia Serrata extract: Boswellia is a plant used in Indian medicine for treating bursitis, osteoarthritis, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and tendonitis. The resin of the plant may reduce inflammation. The derivative promotes joint mobility and function. It may also prevent collagen degradation within your body’s connective tissues.
  6. Fucoidan: it offers antioxidant and immune system actions for muscle and joint wellness. It could also provide antithrombotic and anticoagulant effects that foster blood proper blood circulation.
  7. Dead Sea salt: unlike ordinary sea salt that mainly consists of sodium chloride, Dead Sea salt offers your body several essential minerals. They include magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The salt has high levels of silica that foster healthy skin, nails, and hair. Additionally, it eases muscle soreness and cramps. Besides, the ingredient reduces discomfort and pain arising from tired, tense tissues.
  8. Brewer’s yeast: it contains beneficial minerals, including chromium, magnesium, potassium, protein, selenium, iron, and zinc. These ingredients support various bodily functions to keep you healthy. For example, chromium may help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. The yeast has small organisms that ensure the proper functioning of the digestive tract. It might also strengthen your immune system and enhance your energy levels.

The Benefits of Stem Sense

After knowing the ingredients of Stem Sense, what benefits does this product offer? They entail the following.

  • Repairs cells to promote good health
  • Lowers inflammation to ensure mobility
  • Relieves muscle soreness to ensure comfort
  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances the immune system against diseases
  • Replaces worn-out cells
  • Rejuvenates and heals muscles and joints
  • Fosters better concentration
  • Improves memory and clear thinking

What You’ll Feel

When your body responds positively to Stem Sense, you will feel a few things.

  • You get to concentrate better due to healthier brain cell communication. The re-growth of neurites makes this possible.
  • There is improved mobility because the product contains anti-inflammatories that aid joint pain and muscle soreness.
  • Your body gets essential minerals from Stem Sense’s ingredients to support different bodily functions.
  • You feel youthful, considering the product repairs cells and replaces worn out cells. It also promotes healthy skin and prevents collagen degradation to ensure you age gracefully.
  • With increased energy levels, you focus better and complete tasks. The vigor puts you in a good mood, bars sluggishness, and enhances productivity.
  • Your workouts become more efficient, thanks to the increased mental and physical energy the product provides. It boosts your performance and endurance when working out, which helps you shed extra pounds.

How Stem Sense Works 

Stem Sense works in three ways: repair, replace, and rejuvenate. The manufacturer makes this product specifically for muscle and joint issues. The anti-inflammatory components help with soreness and discomfort to promote mobility. They also boost your immune system. However, the formulation also repairs cells and replaces worn-out ones for a healthy body.

When muscles and joints are working, as they should, you get in good shape and feel spectacular. Enjoy your workouts and use the product to heal muscles after exercise. The product may also promote healthy skin, so aging does not get stressful for you.

How to Use Stem Sense

Stem Sense capsules are easy to use and convenient. Using them on the go is simple and fast, making them ideal when you are busy. Take two pills in the morning with food or as your health expert directs. One jar of Stem Sense has 60 capsules, so it should last you a month before having to buy another one.

Total Life Changes recommends that you use Stem Sense along with three other products to maximize the benefits. One is Chaga, a natural immune-boosting superfood with powerful antioxidant properties. The other is NutraBurst, a multivitamin supplement that provides your body with vital minerals and nutrients for a healthier you. However, the third product is Proz, a two-capsule combination of natural probiotic, prebiotic, and enzyme blend. It helps you relax, fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed.

If you are suffering from a health condition, always speak to your physician before using any dietary supplement such as Stem Sense. Do not put your wellbeing at risk. Besides, you never know if the product’s ingredient will interact with your medication. Be cautious and consult first.

Product Reviews

Through genuine customer reviews, you get insights about the effectiveness of a dietary supplement. Stem Sense has helped users deal with muscle and joint problems. The all-natural ingredients are safe. TLC clearly states that the product does not cure or treat any disease, which is a good thing. The company does not promise overnight effectiveness. Try the product, monitor whether it is effective for you, and remember results vary among users.

One consumer says, “I started taking Stem Sense 5 months ago. I researched and found out that it could be good for pinched nerves. After a few days, taking two capsules a day, the pain in my neck, shoulder, and elbow was gone.”


For stronger muscle and joint health, Stem Sense from Total Life Changes might help. It repairs cells and replaces worn-out ones to ensure your body functions efficiently. The manufacturer uses high-quality, natural ingredients in making the formula. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in easing muscle soreness.

The product also boosts your immune system. It enhances brain cell communication, which could improve your concentration, memory, and clear thinking. Stem Sense repairs and heals muscles after workouts and enhances endurance. Remember, you take two capsules per day in the morning. Try the product. It might be what you need to alleviate discomfort in muscles and joints.


Proprietary Blend (Freeze Dried Egg Powder)

Proprietary Blend (Hydroxytyrosol Powder)

Proprietary Blend (Schisandra Chinensis Extract)

Proprietary Blend (Boswellia Serrata Extract)

Proprietary Blend (Dead Sea Salt)

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