Detox While You Rest with ProZ

Support the development of good gut bacteria and promote a healthy sleep with our all-natural two-part prebiotic and probiotic. The enzymes in the white capsule encourage a healthy appetite, while the complex blend of ingredients in the purple capsule helps you naturally find a more restful night.

What You’ll Feel

Support for a better gut microbiome.*

Fiber that feeds your “good” bacteria.*

Promote a more-relaxed mental and physical state.*

ProZ Probiotics and Sleep Aid Review

Detoxify restfully with ProZ

A sound tummy and a good night’s sleep go hand-in-hand when it comes to attaining optimal health and wellness. ProZ is formulated to give you just that. It makes good use of all-natural components that will encourage intestinal health and digestive efficiency as well as help you achieve restful, satisfying sleep each night. This is exactly what you need to get a head start on your way to being slimmer, more energetic, and better able to face the challenges of each day as it comes.

What is ProZ?

ProZ is a unique formulation in the health and wellness industry in that it perfectly combines several natural ingredients to help us achieve an optimal composition in our intestinal system. This is the most complex system in the human body, and achieving a good balance here will have a positive effect on various other body systems and functions. Our gastrointestinal tracts are populated with large numbers of bacteria that are necessary for the proper execution of the digestive functions and more. 

Trouble for many of us nowadays comes about as a result of our poor diets and eating habits. A lack of probiotics and useful enzymes coupled with high carbohydrate levels in our diets results in an unhealthy gut environment that will not only make our body systems inefficient but may also encourage the onset of some diseases and conditions. The composition of bacteria in our guts is what is more scientifically referred to as our microbiome composition, and what ProZ does for us is help recalibrate the ratio of ‘good’ bacteria to ‘bad’ bacteria. 

What’s in ProZ?

An excellent mix of prebiotics, probiotics, and useful enzymes are what make ProZ capable of delivering the results it promises. The various ingredients can deliver various effects on their own, but it is their unique blend in this product that makes it so powerfully effective. Each pill is designed to perform its purpose optimally. 

The white capsule will deliver a gentle detoxifying effect on the user which will assist you in your weight loss efforts by increasing your nutrient absorption and energy utilization efficiency while simultaneously stimulating your body to desire healthier sources of nutrition. 

The purple capsule is what helps you achieve a good night’s rest. You will quickly relax and relieve the stress from your day so that you can fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly as well. Each morning will see you wake up feeling rejuvenated and looking forward to another day.

ProZ Detox Ingredients (White Capsule)

Gastro-Intestinal Health Complex

Slippery elm bark extract, ginger root extract, marshmallow root, dandelion root, fennel, milk thistle extract, fenugreek extract, aloe vera root

Digestive Enzyme Probiotic Complex

17 enzyme blend, psyllium husk powder, Jerusalem artichoke inulin

  • TLC 5 Billion Cell Probiotic Spore Complex 5B CFU
  • Bacillus subtilis (HU58)
  • Bacillus coagulans (SC-208)
  • Bacillus licheniformis
  • Bacillus clausii (SC-109)

ProZ Rest Ingredients (Purple Capsule)

Stress Tame Complex

Ashwagandha extract, magnesium aspartate, L-Theanine, chamomile extract, GABA

Beauty Sleep Complex

CranRich*PAC, ArniaPURE™, Horsetail extract, Biotin

Sleep Sound Complex

Valerian root extract, Hops extract, Melatonin

Adaptogen Complex

Ganoderma lucidum extract, Maca extract

Magnesium (Magnesium aspartate)

What You’ll Feel

Support for a better gut microbiome

The gut microbiome is acknowledged to be the human body’s most complex system, and it is vitally important to our health and wellness. By helping us detoxify and eliminate the ‘bad’ bacteria that tend to accumulate in our bodies, ProZ actively helps shield us from the potential diseases and conditions such bacteria may cause us. This detoxification also plays a role in helping those of us looking to shed excess weight.

Fiber that feeds your ‘good’ bacteria

By providing feeding materials for the kind of bacteria we want in our bodies, ProZ will support their increase. Our poor diets and habits mean that the majority of us will have a poor ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ bacteria, but ProZ can effectively bring things back in balance. The good bacteria in our bodies contribute to a more efficient digestive processes, whereby healthier and more nutritious foods will be desired by the user, making their weight loss journey much easier as well.

A more relaxed mental and physical state

A good night’s rest is essential for those who want to wake up feeling energetic and ready to get on with the day’s agenda. The mix of ingredients found in ProZ works perfectly to help users relax and fall asleep with ease regardless of any stress or anxiety they may be experiencing and to enjoy a satisfactory amount of high quality, rejuvenating sleep.

How ProZ Works

ProZ detox and ProZ rest are designed to work as effectively as possible while keeping things as simple as possible for its users. Some of the ingredients in ProZ detox (white) will be familiar to those with experience in the health and wellness field. These include such examples as milk thistle extract, fenugreek extract, aloe vera root, dandelion root, marshmallow root, ginger root extract, and more. These are all known for their various abilities, especially when it comes to digestive system health. In combination with the powerful prebiotic complex, they will effectively promote your gut health and digestive wellness by encouraging the growth and establishment of healthy bacteria while discouraging and eliminating unwanted strains of bacteria. These supportive and detoxifying actions combine to give you powerful benefits. 

ProZ rest (purple) contains ingredients that will help you relax and unwind so that you may achieve a good, satisfactory night’s sleep. Sleeping well is a vital element of healthy living, which is why it works so well in combination with ProZ detox to give you an overall positive result. Ingredients such as melatonin, valerian root extract, horsetail extract, magnesium aspartate, and ashwagandha extract are widely used in various supplements and cures for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, stress symptoms, and more. With their inclusion in this capsule, ProZ rest becomes a formidable sleeping aid that is sure to deliver a peaceful night’s slumber to its users. 

Taking ProZ Properly

The administration of ProZ is as simple as can be. Your first step, however, should be to consult with your healthcare provider. It’s always a good idea to refer to them before starting any supplement or medication just to ensure that you don’t have any conditions or contraindications to worry about. If you’re all clear, then it’s straightforward as can be:

Note that you should take you ProZ at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before heading to bed for best results. It does not matter whether you take ProZ with food or without.

-Take your ProZ detox and ProZ rest capsules (white and purple)

-Get a glass of clean drinking water (8 fluid ounces)

-Drink both of the capsules with the water

Some Customer Reviews

Gave it a try after having a lot of success losing weight with Iaso tea, another one of your products. I feel like I’m sleeping a lot better than I used to, but I’ve only been taking it for a couple of days now so we’ll see what happens as we go on.

-Clive Kapucic

Your product design is great! Really convenient! I hate having to keep track of various pills and all these schedules and mixing batches for the fridge etc., etc. I’m glad I can just pop these two suckers and head off to dreamland. Thank you guys!

-Kalia C. 

Don’t Miss Out!

ProZ is one of those products we are especially proud of because we know just what our clients have been able to achieve with it. There are few ways to achieve gentle gut detoxification, microbiome optimization, and sleeping assistance at one go. By combining the aspects of digestive wellbeing and adequate rest, this product magnifies and multiplies the positive effects to be enjoyed from each. Healthier eating habits increased energy levels and clarity, as well as a greater ability to resist the opportunistic diseases and conditions that so often afflict those of us with sensitive stomachs are to had here in the shape of two simple pills. Order yours today.

ProZ Detox

Digestive Enzyme Prebiotic Complex

17 Enzyme blend, Jerusalem artichoke inulin, Psyllium husk powder

TLC 5 Billion Cell Probiotic Spore
Bacillus subtilis (HU58)
Bacillus coagulans (SC-208)
Bacillus licheniformis
Bacillus clausii (SC-109)

ProZ Rest

Stress Tame Complex

Ashwagandha extract, Magnesium aspartate, L-Theanine, Chamomile extract, GABA

Beauty Sleep Complex

CranRich® PAC, AroniaPURETM, Horsetail extract, Biotin (3mg), Chamomile extract, GABA

Sleep Sound Complex

Valerian root extract, Hops extract, Melatonin, Chamomile extract, GABA

Adaptogen Complex

Ganoderma lucidum extract, Maca extract, Chamomile extract, GABA

Magnesium (Magnesium aspartate)

What You’ll Feel



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